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Logo Positioning

There is a reason our logo is placed at the 5 mark. Too many people feel restricted by tiresome 9-5 jobs. Life is full of constraints, but truly there isn’t anything holding you back but yourself. A 9-5 job is only 1/3 of your day. Start chasing your dreams and who knows where you'll end up. Your potential is limitless; maybe you won't need that 9-5 job anymore.

Patent-Pending Buckle

Your life shouldn't be constrained, neither should your wrist. Our new buckle has twice as many sizing options, guaranteeing a comfortable fit every-time. Instead of holes, we have a row of notches inserted in the leather. When you put our buckle on, you slide the leather through the buckle, and the buckle catches on these individual notches, making for an abundance of sizes.

Leather Health

Nowadays most watches have straps with holes that damage the leather. The strap gets worn out from pressure every time you adjust it. Never rock a worn out leather strap again with our buckle that keeps the leather looking new by taking pressure off the leather. Use our buckle to ensure your leather strap continues to look fresh.

Logo Design

Originally our logo was designed as a Yes Man, yet we’ve gotten feedback that it looks like a martini glass. Our logo is what you make of it, just how time is what you make of it. It’s also always 5 o’clock somewhere. Make the most of your time by considering your use of time.

Our Story

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As college students, we are always doing more than just going to class. Our friends envy our ability to get the most out of our day. Upon completing this past school year, we were excited to start what we thought to be amazing summer jobs. Though after weeks of working the tiresome 9-5 job, we realized how constraining that monotonous routine feels, and started Yes Man Watches out of our passion to inspire people to consider their use of time. Be a Yes Man by learning to live your life as you please. We continue to learn, and hope you're willing to learn with us.

We Started By Saying Yes: We've truly come a long way since beginning this project. To design our first model, the Yes Man Watches team looked at thousands of watches and identified different aspects of each one that we liked, then applied those aspects to create our very own. We launched a Kickstarter on January 13th to fund our first production run. We were blown away by the response—raising over 200% of our $15k funding goal. We’re now continuing to accept pre-orders at this special price as we are currently fulfilling production. Our watches arrive in April, and we guarantee by pre-ordering one now, you’ll be one of the first to get one!

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